F-117A Nighthawk

lockheed_f_117a_nighthawk_by_bagera3005The “stealth fighter” lives up to it’s nickname. with radar dispersing wings and fuselage,
as well as radar absorbing material, this plane is nearly impossible to detect. This is an all equipped fighter.

A computer generated design makes the shape of this airplane very advanced. From back to front,

Nighthawk radar

some amazing features are, the ruddervons, combined elevator, controlling the up-
down movement of the nose of the plane: pitch. Rudder, the yaw control, the side-to-side movement like on a car, and finally, ailerons, for the roll of the plane. All of this in the shape of a ‘V’.

Next, we have jet nozzles. If an enemy fighter’s missile detects and lacks onto the heat f117a-nighthawksignature of an F-117A, it may dispense exhaust (and usually dive), to confuse the infrared missile.

The F-117A is covered in radar absorbing material, and is  created as to not bounce radar back to its source, like an normal plane would, retining only the radar of a bug, and with its night mission camouflage painting, it’s extremely hard to detect.

in the front of the aircraft, there is a forward-looking infrared. (Also called FLIR). The Nighthawk also has four extensions on the nose area to gather important in-flight data.

Nose of F-117A Nighthawk with extensions

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