World Cup of Hockey

Canada versus North America… What?! What? It pains me not to see all of my countries best players on a team together, supporting my country in an international tournament. Not to see Connor McDavid playing with Sidney Crosby is depressing. Yeah, Canada’s great at hockey. McDavid and Crosby. Why can’t Canada put their full efforts into their team, huh? To make it a little more fair?

Now I can’t decide what team to cheer for. Either way, I’d feel guilty for not cheering for the other. I always cheer for Canada, and I love seeing Price in action and all the best players from here in Canada. But I want to see new exciting players, too, and I’ve never seen a Canada-USA exclusive team, but my say is have a continental tournament, but keep it separate from the national ones.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love great hockey, and I love to see the best in the world compete, but this whole age rule is confusing. And don’t get me wrong here either, The US and Canada are working together and have been for a while, were also the best in our sport, and I want to see some Allies dominating outside of the war zone, too. (Not saying we always dominate in war, too, but you get the idea… I hope.

Hopefully my two favorite teams don’t have to play in the finals. But do I not want one of them to make it? This is all to confusing. I need to go wrap my head around this. Bye.


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