My Swing Analysis

I’ve been playing baseball for a few years now, and I’ve always wrapped the bat too far around my head. I’ve also been bending my leg when I shouldn’t have been. Now I have to relearn it and break the muscle memory of my improper swing. I sure hope it works!

It didn’t matter in Mosquito (the younger age group,) but now that I’m in Pee-wee, I can’t wrap the bat, that’s putting it to far around my head. That’s too far of a distance for my bat to go, around my head and¬†then¬†around to position P1 AKA power one (butt of the bat to the direction the ball is coming from). Then I need to get to P2 (arms extended in a V toward the pitcher for contact). In the time it takes me to do all this, with the pitches whizzing by me at such higher speeds than in Mosquito, the ball can be past me by the time i get to P2.

My front leg should not be bending much, take a look at this batter.batting His front leg is planted, but when I swing my leg bends far too much, making my body slanted up during the swing. My swing is level like it should be, but I am facing up, so that’s how my swing goes. If I don’s miss late or under it, because of my swing, I’ll hit a pop-up from my angle.

To correct these problems, my coach is taking me aside during the batting portion of practice, and having me hit off a tee with my legs together, the eventually, I’ll move my legs apart and try it. this is to break my muscle memory. Muscle memory is when, trough repetition, my muscles can learn what to do in a given situation. to break that, I must repeat a new way of doing it, (while trying very hard not to revert to my old style), a new way of doing it. While I do this, I can sometimes take a step and swing, while also keeping my eyes on a coach across from me, so I can’t tilt very much. Also, my coach sometimes also puts his hand or bat in my way so I can’t wrap it.

My coach is helping me improve my swing in other ways, too. He is helping me break my muscle memory, and I hope it works to that I can be a better player. He’s had players with my same problem and knows how to fix it. He says that I have lots of talent, and once this is sorted out, could be a lot better of a player.


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