Discovery Part 1

I used to go to TLA Innovations. Now I go to Island Discovery. Me and my family made this change primarily because we want to do the more fun, project work at home, and the more workbook-y type stuff at school. So what is TLA Innovations and Island Discovery?

TLA Innovations is a two-day-a-week program that has homeschoolers go there on Mondays and Thursdays. My class was going to do a global project, Creative Club (a time when you can do anything that’s creative over the term. Expert Period, (rhe same thing as Creative Club, only you need to become an expert at something). We were also going to do personal projects there, and that was the tipping point.We wanted to to  projects at home.

Island Discovery, (or just Discovery), is kind of the opposite. I do math and more workbook-ish science and writing and that at Discovery. They give us a sort of allowance to spend on Mattea’s and my education. We will have different teachers for different subjects, and I am so excited to be taught by Ms. Alison and Ms. Haller. I think Discovery will be a great fit for me, and a nice change for my family. TLA Innovations was great, but our needs are changing, and Island Discovery seems to be meeting them a bit more, currently.

I’m so excited for the first day tomorrow!



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