Discovery Pt.2

This is coming pretty darn late, isn’t it?

On my first day at Discovery, we started at 9:30, and met with the teachers to find out what classroom who would be starting in. My class, the Cat-Bandits, met in the science room for a substitute teacher to show us a cool experiment, and see what level we were each at, with a quick paper, and educated us on the scientific method.

Next, we had a quick snack time inside, then went to my friend’s mom’s classroom for math. we played a fun math game called Bulls-eye, and did some teamwork activities. Then we had lunch brake for an hour and fifteen minutes, including eating time, and I hung out and organized a soccer game with my friend Xavier. Then we had language arts with Ms. Haller, who I know from previous classes. Then I had project class and I chose to study Chris Hadfield.

Thursdays are the same until lunch, then we have arts class. I will give an update, no promises on when, though! ;D


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