Life of a Cat

On this post, I’ll be writing what I think a typical week for a cat is like…

Sunday: It’s a brand new day… I think I’ll go back to sleep

Monday: Hey, my Humans got me a new couch. I think I’ll wreck it. I wonder why they put me outside?

It’s cold out here, I think I’ll go under this car to get out of the rain. Hey what are you doing? Can’t you see I’m sleeping under here? Don’t leave me!!! Crud. They left me. Whoa!!! I gotta go to the litter box. Nah. That’s pretty far away. I’ll just poo in this garden over here.

Tuesday: I’m gonna go under the deck and get cobwebs all over my face, then rub it all over my Human’s chair, just to annoy him.

Wednesday: I think I’ll slept all day.

Thursday: Hey! My Human is sitting on the table! I think I’ll jump up there and brush his nose with the tip of my tail. Whoopseys, I gotta go. Hmm… If my head is in the litter box, my whole body must be, too. Oops. Guess not.

Friday: Hey. A bug. I want it. Got it! No, wait, got it! No, wait-hey, is that food I smell? My owner is making cereal, and he just went to get the newspaper! I’m gonna drink that milk. I wonder why he put me outside. Oh well. I’ll just sleep on this strangers car.

Saturday: Hey, its night and my Human’s asleep! This face looks like a nice place to lie down. I wonder why he put me outside?

Sound accurate? So there. The fat lady sung. The end


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