I play in a hockey league called Powerplay, as you may already know. Last game, My Uncle Robbie and Uncle James, (Who lives in Toronto and happened to be in town), came to see my game…, but it was either I play goalie or we shoot on shooter tutors. So I played goalie (big surprise).

“Good,” said Uncle James, “I didn’t come to see a game without goalies!” For the first half of the the game I shut the black team down, including a high shot near my chest. I stood up and caught it like a catcher, which is what I am.

We were winning I think 5-0 midway through the second, when my brother, just like he was told to in the first intermission, took it behind the net, have the wingers skate up their respective boards, then cut and switch places… the pass was intercepted right in front, though, and they scored.

Another catcher save later, they got the puck and I was accidentally screened by my brother, and they ripped one top shelf. I think Josh is too protective of me. Later, the black team’s best player, the one who ripped one top corner on me, got the puck in the neutral zone, at the red line. Josh took off after him. The other player took a shot, and Joshua, too late, dove to block it. It was a low shot, I save it, but Josh rammed into me and the net at full speed, knocking it off. I now forgive the ref for that horrible call last game in exchange for the fact that he didn’t put weights in the net. Josh didn’t even know I saved it.

Earlier in the game, too, Josh came near me after I saved it and sprayed snow in my face( again, accidentally). For a second I couldn’t see, and that was kind of scary. I just held my blocker in front of my face until the snow in my eyes melted and I could see again.





We won the game about 7-3.


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