Blind Side

Blind Side is a movie my family watched yesterday night, rated 14A on demand and on the movie itself, PG. On Common Sense Media, it is rated 12+.

It is about a large African american by the name of Micheal Oher. His home life is not very good, and he sleeps on a friends couch. He is the perfect build for a left tackle, who covers a quarterbacks’s “blind side”. On her deathbed, Micheal’s friend’s mom wanted to be assured that he would go to a good school. Micheal was accepted into the school, even though he was only going when his friend went to apply because he had nowhere else to go. He tested below 5 percent in everything. Except self defense, in which he tested 98…

Micheal’s dad dies and his mom is on drugs. No one has an identification concerning who Micheal is. Micheal lives on the streets and is saved by his little friend, SJ’s, mom.

It glosses over some major problems, such as drugs, and some people are racist and sexist. The B word is said a few times and a gun is shown but never fired. Overall, I would rate this movie 11+, depending on the maturity of the child. It is a meaningful, “based on a true story” movie, and I would give it 5 stars.


Don’t tell my mom that, though, because I was insisting we watch Apollo 13 instead. Oh well. I’ll give you a review of Apollo 13 as well when I watch it. Here’s the trailer of Blind Side.

P.S. If you can’t find it, it looks on the cover like it says “The Blind Side”, but on demand it just says “Blind Side”.


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