Vancouver Canucks Update 1: 28/20/16

Getting off to a great 4-0 start, I thought the Canucks had a chance at making the playoffs this year. I know it’s still much too early to draw conclusions, but the Canucks are now 4-2-1, four wins, two losses, and one OT/shootout loss. They are 3rd in the division, and were first for the first four of their seven games. They are fifth in the Western Conference, now and tenth in the league.


With the Sedin twins nearing the end of their career, it may be their final sprint for the cup. If I were in charge, I would trade the Sedin’s for draft picks to a low rank team out of the division. Same division and the Sedins might play against them too often, and that wouldn’t be good. Still though, the Arizona Coyotes might be a good choice anyway. The Sabres, Hurricanes, Bluejackets, or the Florida Panthers would also be good choices. I think Canucks GM Jim Benning (click on Benning’s name for a post about him and his relation to the Canucks, written by my brother), is reluctant to trade the twins, as their professional career as hockey players has been in Vancouver. It could also be Canucks president (c’mon! were Canadians. Can’t it be prime minister?), and former player, Trevor Linden wanting to hold on to the Sedins. But I can understand that they belong here.


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