Apollo 13

The problem occurred 2 years before Jim Lovell was even appointed mission commander of Apollo 13. Originally Apollo 13’s back-up crew, when the primary commander got an ear infection, Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Ken Mattingly rose up to the challenge of exploring the Moon, and the infinite vacuum. Space.

Jim Lovell was a part of Apollo 8, orbiting (circling) the Moon eight times, before returning to Earth. Being his dream to walk on the surface of the Moon, Lovell was heartbroken when he discovered Apollo 14, his next primary mission, may not be flown, as the public was wondering whether they were getting information from space worth the millions it cost to get there. Luckily he was moved up to the Apollo 13 primary crew…

“Houston, we have a problem.” Center engine five cut off two minutes early, but they were able to go on without it. The whole crew was more anxious than ever, even before they realized they had on-board errors. One of their nombers, Ken Mattingly, was exposed to German Measles just a few days before launch. He was the only of the crew that hadn’t already had immunity, so even though he never caught them, he was forced to sit out Apollo 13.

Due to an on-board explosion, the crew was forced to slingshot around the Moon, such as in the “Rich Purnell Maneuver”, in the movie and book, Martian, by Andy Weir. Jim Lovell never got to set foot on the Moon, and while orbiting, he stepped back so that the newbies to space flight could see the moon up close. “Jim, take a look  at this!” “I’ve seen it.”

Get ready rocket into interest and fun with this true story. Apollo 13.

For more information, click HERE

Man, I’ve got to stop with the true story movie reviews.


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