New Teams To Join the NHL…

Rumor is that by the 2017/18 season, at least two teams will have joined the league. One of which, will come from Las Vegas. I think it should be the Aces, but for anti-gambling reasons, Gary Bettman doesn’t agree with that idea. Either way, I love creating sports uniforms, and I decided to build one for them.aces-save-9-copy

Originally, this was an image of a New York Islanders uniform, with thanks to the Unofficial NHL Uniform Database. I changed it to a Las Vegas Aces uniform. (Top to bottom, away, home, alternate.) A point worth mentioning on the uniforms are that on the alternate jersey’s sleeves, I have the letters LVA, (Las Vegas Aces).

seattle-stingers-copyI also made the Seattle Stingers, even though they have no chance of coming into the league any time soon. This was originally a Ottawa Senators uniform. I think the triangle on the away logo was a good addition, but decided it would be a bit much to put on all the jerseys, and a white triangle would make the yellow jacket’s wings and gloves look funny, and it would steal the eye to have a big white shape stuck in the black jerseys.

I also made the Toronto Towers, but the file type is not supported.

When I have some free time, I’m thinking of making some more, including the new Quebec City team that I think should be the Nordiques, and the Las Vegas Dark Knights.


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