Now, by the featured image of this post, you might think I went into the Space Needle, and I have… only that was years ago.

This Remembrance Day, also my mom’s birthday, we went to Seattle, and a Boeing tour. It was amazing! We saw them building everything from 747’s to 787’s! And guess what? If you buy one of their planes, they’ll paint it for free!

With the purchase of a plane**, we’ll paint it for you. It’s that simple!                               **$7 000 000 plane… yeah , I’m disappointed too.

Boeing pays for their employees’ university, which I found pretty interesting. The workers don’t know/aren’t allowed to say things such as material cost, profit, things like that. We went into the Future of Flight exhibit, where I learned about making things nano, and how it helps in rocketry.

We slept at a hotel, then went to the Museum of Flight the next day.

There was a whole new half of the museum we didn’t even know existed. I successfully made an accidental crash landing in a Discovery Shuttle sim. It also had a full size replica Discovery Shuttle that I went into the payload area of. There was also over twenty planes outside, including Air Force One, which I went into, an F-14 Tomcat, an F/A-18 Hornet, and a Concorde. I later bought some toy planes from the museum store, including two F-14’s, an F-117A, a Blue Angels F/A-18, an AV-8B, and an F-22.

My favorite part of the trip, other than spending time with my family, was seeing a real Tomcat, and that’s also my dad’s favorite plane, so seeing it was really special.


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