F-22 Raptor: Throwback


You turn on supercruise in your F-22. this option will enable you to fly at supersonic speeds for long periods of time, without the use of afterburners, which eat up a ton of fuel. You’ll be able to make it to your in flight refuel.

An F-22’s stealth properties make it extremely hard to detect from a distance:


The Raptor has two powerful F119 engines with movable nozzels so a pilot can maneuver an F-22 more easily.

One of the F-22 Raptor’s stealth properties is a nose mounted radar system,air_f-22_cutaway_lg that changes wave frequencies more than 1,000 times per second.

The is an fairly new, introduced in 2005, the F-22 is a fighter jet, as you can see here.air_f-22_flares_chemring_lg You can also see that it can fly in groups, as well as alone bf-22-raptor-militaryelow.

With a top speed of 1,500 mph, way abortive mach 1, there’s no telling where an F-22 could be at any moment.

Every F-22 also has a Head-up Display (HUD), giving important information on the cockpit screen, so a pilot doesn’t have to look down. Pilots may also have Helmet-up Display’s on helmet visors. A ‘V’ shaped tail helps in the stealth of the aircraft.

Sometimes wings don’t seem so special. “Oh, yeah… There shaped different… There’s probably a reason…” The Raptor has some of the most efficient wings around, though. A clipped delta design improves plane efficiency at extreme speeds. The F-22 also stores fuel in the wings, making the most of the space they have on the plane.



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