F-10 Griffin

If you look up the F-10 Griffin, not much will show up. The reason? This aircraft doesn’t exist yet. I made it up.

With a 26 ft length and 22 ft wingspan, this is a 3-crew escort/fighter/bomber/ground support craft. It has a clipped delta wing design, just as the F-22, which F-10 was modeled after. Air brakes are located on the rear of the wings, as on airliners and the Joint Strike Fighter. There are air intakes located on the sides of the main cockpit, as on the F-14. ‘Main cockpit?’, you’re probably thinking. ‘I thought planes only had one cockpit!’ This lane has three. Unfortunately, two are only two feet long, and the other is three. I’ll have to work out that problem sometime. Anyways, the big one is in the middle front, for flight. It has a Heads Up Display, as do all the others. To the rear, (still in front of the wings) there is the missile manager. Next to him, on starboard, is the bombardier. The Griffin is painted black with radar absorbing paint, as used on the F-117A Nighthawk.

The F-10 can refuel itself, and other planes in flight, and fly very fast, with two F414 turbofans, as used on the F-14. It also can land and takeoff on aircraft carriers and has gatling guns on the nose of the aircraft, like on the Hornet.


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