What You Can Really Do… :Throwback

A hiker is climbing a dangerous mountain, when a chunk of rock falls on him. As he is a moment away from falling off a cliff under the weight of the rock, he lifts it off of him. The weight of the rock he lifts is 1 1/2 times the world bench-press record!

Everyone has the ability to do that. at any given time, you are only using a third of your strength. the rest is saved up for a life-and-death situation. Using all three thirds of your strength can risk tearing your muscle from your bone, but your subconscious mid can decide if its worth it. If you are about to fall off a cliff, it would be a risk worth taking.

Some sprinters can train themselves to use more of their possible energy… And is can also happen to people who don’t expect it, like the hiker, as well as an unsuspecting police officer.

He entered a forest fire to help people escape from their house, when it erupted into flame. the officer ran with speed like an Olympian. he got into his car, and reversed. when the flame ceased, he came back to rescue the people in the house.

Football players, (American football), can train themselves to put off injury. One was tackled by two players at once. That’s the force of a truck running him over. He had an injury to his arm, but pushed through it, as he learned from his training. This didn’t come for free, though. He would take longer to heal completely.

What you can do that you didn’t know about is extensive. you have power you didn’t know about. You are a superhero… Well no, not really because everyone else can do these things, too. were all super humans… Well no, but you get the idea.


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