First, some background info. Coyotes have been reported in the area, and so, my cats have been stuck inside over the holidays. We have also had many people over, so they would get shut in the laundry room.

The first time we had guests over, we played mini basketball right at the door they were behind. I let them out to find Gizmo on  the shelf, next to the birdseed, and Scout in a laundry basket. The kids learned how to clean up cat “stuff” that day.

We discovered that if cats are angry, they’ll just poop on your floor. All the time now, we are greeted with “Meow Meow Meow!”, which I think translates to “let me outside, let me out, get me out of here!”. On New Years Eve, my cousins came over with their dog. We shut up our cats again. They did NOT like it.


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