The Vancouver Canucks still 5th in the Pacific. Ouch. Update 2: 23/01/17

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I was sick 😦

canucks-titanic-1Ok, honestly.
I think these two images, (to the right, as well as the featured one), best describe what it feels like to be a Canucks fan right now. Let me give you the Canucks update.

Henrik Sedin recently scored his 1 000th point as a goal against the Panthers, Luongo, actually. We are 5th in the division, only two points ahead of the Kings and Arizona. Arizona. How could we possibly be doing so badly? We may have a Wild Card opportunity, but it’s not a cup run. I say we trade Burrows, and all the over 25 or bad players, including… Brace yourselves… The Sedins. Get draft picks from a cup contender who needs some powerful ‘now’ players nearing the end of their careers, but still run. Then we’ll also get a better chance in the lottery draft. We aren’t doing anything right now. We’re 18thin the league, right near the middle, we need to decide if we want to rebuild or make a short-lived cup contending team that will be finished in a couple of years. Doesn’t matter which, just make a choice and stick with it.


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