The SPAD 8 is a WWI biplane used by the WWI American and British allies. These were some of the first dogfight aircraft. A SPAD XIII would try to eliminate German bombers, like the Junkers CL.I J 10, and then get stuck in fast, wild and fierce air battles with another fighter. Back then, a tail gun wasn’t practical for a tiny one-man craft like this, so there’s no defense if the’re coming in from behind. Two machine guns were mounted behind the propeller. In a dogfight, the enemy often aimed for the fuel tank, and a hit could end in a flaming aircraft.

SPAD XIII fighters could patrol areas, dogfight, attack enemy bombers, and guard their own. When shooting at a Junkers, pilots needed to watch for Fokkers defending them.

The 135 mph SPAD XIII biplane was on of the first armed dogfighters.

Also, along with most of my aircraft posts, I got all this info from the book Flight By Von Hardesty and Insiders.


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