City Hall Field Trip

Today, I went to the City Hall of Surrey. I went with a bunch of other homeschoolers. We got to visit the Council Chambers, and see the traffic room.

We parked underground. That’s when I really noticed the massiveness of the building. Clean glass windows, large property, and six floors. I had been there on one account before, at a future of Surrey, share something cool, type meeting in the library, so many floors above. When we got in, the first person I saw was Quinn. he is a friend from discovery whom I had not seen in a long time, as he is at a camp on Tuesdays. Then I saw Christina, Micah, and Jacob, all of whom are at discovery. We met with the tour guides, and set off. I inferred that up until 1989, the Mayors had one-year terms, and as of 2014, they became four-year terms, rather than three. Then, we set off into the Council Chambers.

To get to the Council Chambers, we went through multiple stets of doors, which felt very grand. We sat down in cushioned, theater-like chairs. I front of us sat a rather court-room like arrangement. At the topmost desk there were nine chairs, four council members on either side of the mayor, Linda Hepner. Unfortunately, they were not there at the moment. On the bottom desk were chair set for experts there for the council’s reference. We all got to sit in the Mayors seat. Then we took two elevators down to the traffic room.

In the traffic room, there was a wall full of TV’s. But they weren’t set to Sportsnet. They were showing the intersections throughout Surrey. We could event=see them manually change the lights or cross walks. We even saw a pilot that had a heat-sensing camera to signal the crosswalk lights.

I learnt all about Surrey today. The behind the scenes of everyday life. From laws getting passed and concerns being raised in the Council Chambers, to normal driving. It’s cool to know how thing happen in my own city.


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