I just started umpiring baseball, and it is almost exactly as I expected: easy, with a few difficult calls a game, and still fun, all while getting paid! I also learned a bit about baseball’s rules along the way, developed a new respect for most umpires who do my games, and found that every ump’s style is slightly different.

The strike zone is actually elbows to knees when the batter is standing normally, so crouching doesn’t shrink the strike zone. When I’m base umpiring, there is a lot of footwork to be done, which is very important so that you can easily keep your eye on the play, while still moving. I also have a new respect for umpires now. I don’t complain about bad calls as much now.

Before every game, I need to get to know my umping partner’s style, so I know what bases they want to make calls at and things like that. Sometimes you get a frustrating partner who doesn’t want to be there, relies on you for too many calls, or else just doesn’t fully understand a few rules that you do.

Umpiring baseball, as I have found, is helping my understanding of the game even while I’m playing it. Almost all of my umping partners have been very nice, and have also helped me improve. Most of the coaches of the teams playing are great, too. Umpiring is exciting, and I can’t believe I’m getting payed up to $25 just for being on a baseball diamond, right in the middle of the action!


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