About Me

AC 1
Military plane with dropped tail hook preparing for aircraft carrier landing

I am Milo Clarke. I love to experiment with planes, and I love math, science, and social studies. I love cars, and how they work, and even more so for planes-especially air force planes, and will never give up a trip to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

I live in a family of five, my mom who stays home to help me and my sister with school, my dad, who works on weekdays, and loves cars just like me. There are also three kids, My brother, Josh who is 13 and goes to high school at Southridge Senior school, my 8 year old sister, Mattea who is homeschooled, and me, Milo. I am 11.


safe at home 2
Me safe stealing home

I love to play sports like baseball and hockey, and like studying at home, as I am homeschooled but go to Discovery on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


I love to learn at school, and on my free time, and also learn in sports as well as life, and school.